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Becoming A Driving Instructor

Driving Instructor Franchise

There are some huge lifestyle benefits to working for yourself, but who wants to be out there totally alone without any support or assistance?

If you are looking for a change of career, then becoming a driving instructor might be just the business for you. Because you manage your own diary, you can work when you want and have time off when you need to. It can be a very flexible way to worka dn manage your time efficiently so that you can earn your living when it suits you to do so.

A franchise offers you some benefits that a large organisation can bring to the party. You get the knowledge and expertise from a large, national organisation as well as being sent new customers care of their national advertising.

This means that you can be as busy as you want to be, filling your work day as you choose. You will be your own boss, but with hands on support from the franchise operator.

You can also organise your training to pass your advanced driving test and even earn some money before you are fully licenced. Additionally, the franchise can organise your dual control vehicle for you, so you lease the best vehicle at the best price.

You will have a business that changes lives, it’s very fulfilling to teach people to drive. You will be giving people the skills that they need to drive carefully and safely.

As your own boss, you will manage your own business, diary, etc. and manage your day to day earnings with a great driving instructor franchise company like behind you offering support, help and most importantly a steady stream of new customers.

Change your life and be your own boss. Become a driving instructor today and you will change lives.


First Time Buyers Need Cheap Homes

The First Time Buyers Conundrum

So we are all agreed that to have a thriving housing market we need to be able to provide a constant flow of lower cost properties for first time buyers, allowing them to get onto the housing ladder.

The problem is, and to a certain extent always has been that those properties have a habit of gaining value. They keep doing that to the point that they become unaffordable for first time buyers, closing down the flow within the market of buyers moving up the ladder to more expensive homes.

One of the issues is that these starter homes need to increase in value in order for the owner to be able to afford to move, but by Continue reading

Conquer Google & Drive Organic Traffic

How To Conquer Google In Search

The only absolutely sure way to rank first in Google & receive quality organic traffic is to offer what they want, which is good quality, valued and trusted written content, well presented on a fast, mobile friendly website.

If you have a rounded understanding of what you are doing you can still control your Google search rankings using high quality metrics. Old style Search Engine Optimisation Continue reading

Careless Driving


Careless driving can be defined as either driving without due care and attention, or driving without reasonable consideration for other road users.

The Road Traffic Act 1988 states that it is an offence to be guilty of driving a mechanically propelled vehicle on a road or other public place “without due care and attention”. This also includes “driving a vehicle on a public road without consideration for other road users”.

The hard fact that you have driven Continue reading

Online Shopping

A Look At Online Shopping

Buying products from an online retail outlet, web shop, or virtual shop is rather like buying from the old fashioned mail order catalogues.

Online outlets promote and highlight their products with photographs, text and multimedia files. The basic idea is that the customer selects on an order form and pays with credit/debit cards or electronic payment.

The goods are despatched, usually by couriers to the buyers given address, but in the case of media based products such as Continue reading

Roofing Materials For New House Construction

Roofing Materials For New House Construction

The first material required in roof construction is timber. This may be a “cut” roof design whereby the whole timber framework is cut and built on site, or more commonly, “truss” which will use pre made A frames or trusses which are factory made and delivered to site.

A wall plate, a length of 100x75mm timber is cemented onto the top of the supporting walls to which the rafters and joists are fixed.

The trusses are placed at regular Continue reading

Cyber Crime & Online Security

Cyber Crime, Hacking The Banks

History, from man’s beginnings , is littered with a class that would double-deal, con, deceive, cheat or any other heading which is actually robbery, as surely as Bonnie and Clyde committed it, using the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art weapons and vehicles of their day.

Today’s bank robber probably has pretty much the same mind-set, but far, far different methods of committing the crime.

The free-bird of the Internet is endlessly misused for committing crimes over cyber-space. The hackers (a modern term for potential fraudsters and robbers) committing cyber- crime will often target Continue reading